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The SIKMO Factory

Russian developer and manufacturer of a wide range of professional detergents, cleaners and disinfectants, as well as household chemicals under its own brand Plex®.


About us

The chemical manufacturer SIKMO was founded in 2010 in Moscow and now employs over 100 people. To date, our assortment includes over 900 products. The factory has about 7000 m2 of production and warehouse premises. Our production capacity is around 20 000 tons per year and constantly growing.

The factory has modern Research and Development center with all necessary equipment.

Large stock of raw materials and well-organized production with IT technologies allow to produce and ship products very quickly. Many items are in stock.

Our products include:

Professional detergents for washing and dry cleaning

Professional products for the food industry

Professional automotive chemicals and detailing products

Professional cleaning products

Professional detergents for laundry and dry cleaning

A range of laundry and dry-cleaning products is developed using innovative technologies and allows to:

  • reduce the consumption of detergents while maintaining the same quality and the cost of washing;
  • save labor costs due less manual handling and less repeated washing
  • wash with lower temperatures;
  • reduce the consumption of water

Professional washing agents for food industry

The products help not only with sanitization and disinfection, but also help to cope with any type of contamination: organic (protein, fat, oil) and mineral (rust, hardness salts) on the surfaces of technological equipment and premises, containers, etc.

Professional car washing shampoos, car care and detailing products

Our company has developed a full line of effective automotive chemical products (for contact and non-contact washing, wheel disks cleaning, tyres blackening) and detailing (car interior cleaning, surfaces protection, plastic parts polishing and cleaning). The products help to carry out thorough and comprehensive car care.

Professional cleaning products

The range of professional cleaning products developed at our chemical factory allows effectively clean any surfaces and cope with any contamination.

Household chemicals

Developed with Plex® technology for professional products, they are highly effective, eco-friendly and safe to use. It’s possible to cope with any complex contaminants professionally at home.

Innovative Plex® brand products

Proprietary formulations

Patents for invention issued by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation (Rospatent) confirm the originality of the detergent formulations.

Quality control

A strict quality control on all stages of detergents production.

Unique offers for business partners

We carry out constant scrupulous work on a unique offers for enterprises. Today there is a full range of detergents for the food industry, laundry, dry cleaning, cleaning, and car care. Thanks to this, our Russian chemical factory has a wide sales geography, including all countries of Eurasian Economic Union.

Environmental responsibility

We carefully select chemical ingredients in terms of their safety, quality and influence on the processes of chemical destruction of contaminants. Special attention is paid to preventing the reverse sorption of contaminants on the surface. This results in lower consumption of detergents, which means significant savings for our customers.

Quality assurance

The factory has effective business processes for quality control at each stage of production: from quality control of incoming raw materials to the release and shipment of finished products.

We have selected the most reliable and trusted suppliers of raw materials for our products, who guarantee the quality of all chemical components.

All products of our detergents factory undergo the Russian state registration procedure; certificates and quality passports confirm their quality.

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